a week full of busy

that is what i'm having...a week packed full of busy!!! which i kinda sorta like, it makes the week go by faster.

first of all i've been doing photo shoots nightly...i'm taking the pics and doing memory mates for a local dance school. it has been SO FUN taking these...the girls are all so cute and have been so cooperative! i have two more nights to go...please pray that the parents are happy with the pictures. that has been stressing me a little bit.

also friday is joeys field trip AND...his FIRST DANCE!!! can you believe that?!?! he already warned his "date" that his mama likes to take LOTS and LOTS of pictures, lol...oh my gosh, my son has a "date" for a dance...that just now hit me :(

by this weekend i should be ready to just relax and veg and do nothing...this daily running around really wears me out.

out for now