happy monday!

we had a FAB weekend...it was joeys birthday weekend (i have pics to post later)...friday night chase staid over, the boys went with joe to go set up a campsite for the men from the church that were canoeing...saturday the boys decided they wanted to play video games all day (wwe) and that they did...i made them breakfast burritos mid-morning then they were straight back to the games...saturday evening we gave joey his birthday money and headed to altoona for shopping and outback...i SO love outback, so it was like a little present to me too...yesterday, joey's actual birthday, he decided he again wanted to play video games all day (something we normally don't allow)...his birthday was filled with video games, 4-wheeler rides, church and pizza...pretty perfect day huh?

tonight we are having a YUMMY dinner, i've made beef stew...homemade beef stew! it smelled SO delish when it was cooking...then we are heading to a friends house to help them put up a fence around their yard...i'm thinking of walking there, get a little exercise in!

out for now