hello lovelies...

wow...i haven't blogged in FOREVER...welcome to summer!!! we are always so busy during summer it's hard for me to find time for extras...but i promise to make more of an effort!
we've been spending time at camp while my family is in...it is always SUCH a great time over there. i always loved it as a child and now my kids love it too. the sisters (my grandma, aunt vi and aunt faye) are always such a hoot. old ladies saying bad words is funny stuff!!! here are some pics i took at camp.

this weekend is our reunion AND papa alan is coming down...so we'll have a busy busy weekend full of fun family times. sunday papa is taking the kids out to dinner and to the movies so joe and i will get to have a date!!! love reconnecting with that man!!!

in other news...i've sadly stepped down from my DT positions at dreamgirls and gutter girlz...i just haven't scrapped for sooooo long and i don't feel it coming back anytime soon...i knew there were other girls who could do a better job than i had been. it was a sad, sad day but i had to know when it was time to move on.

out for now