farewell bestie...

today was the last day of work for my bestie and i...she is now officially retired and a stay at home mom...i am sooooo happy for her!!! but i sure will miss her. we've been through a lot in the last 10 years together, some good and some bad. but no matter what it was we ALWAYS went through it together. i am sad that we wont dominate this place anymore but we are both starting new chapters in our lives.

here is a poem bec wrote years ago that sums us up perfectly:

Sisters in Sin
Sisters in Light
Sisters forever
Day and night.

Don’t matter if its wrong
Don’t matter if its right
We will stand together
With all our might.

Spirits are joined
Souls are one
We will work together
Until we are both done.

Smiles and tears
We will always share
Sisters forever
Always a pair

Our lives parallel
Our paths always cross
So it will be till the end
When our worries we toss.

When they look back at our lives
They will laugh and they will cry
True sisters they will say
With a tear and a sigh.

How lucky we are
How rare is must be
To have a sister in sin
How lucky are we.

out for now