friday...i LOVE you!!!

it's friday...a lovely friday, even though it's rained nearly all day. why is it lovely? oooohhhhh...i can SO FEEL my art room calling to me...begging me to get paint all over my hands...telling me my ink bottles are lonely...screaming that my luscious paper needs love...and guess what? oh yeah, i'm answering that call TONIGHT! i'm hoping for one of those "up until 2 a.m." creative nights. i so so so miss those nights. i'm also feeling some strange pulling to felt and hand stitching. i might see what i can do with that tonight too. AND i have an awesome COOL-AS-CAN-BE project going on with old t-shirts!!! can't wait to share that one. oohhhhh artsy mama is back, YES!

this is a pic miss jade took of me last sunday during our photoshoot...i'm about halfway through my weight loss journey. it seems like it's going slow BUT i think it's important to do it slowly so that it stays off. i haven't really talked about it much here, i think because i'm afraid i'll fail if i talk about it outloud too much. strange, i know...
on the subject of big brother...let me mention again just how much i CANT STAND ronnie or jessie. and honestly, i just can't help yelling at the tv. i know, they can't hear me, but still...i have hopes that one of them are the next to go...

tonight is family movie and pizza night...WOOT...and tomorrow we are heading to camp in the afternoon and hanging out there the rest of the day...LOTS of family time this weekend!!!

out for now