garden friends...part 2...

nearly a year ago i wrote this post...i wrote it, kinda put it on a shelf and forgot about it until right now. i will repost it here and elaborate on it

last year i was blog hopping, as i sometimes do, and i came across one that really stopped me in my tracks. first of all, she is an awesome artist and photographer (love her work)...secondly, she had a post on there that really touched me and made me think...she was speaking of a minister and a specific sermon he gave...
He talked about how Jesus used to take a few of his most trusted friends to the
Garden of Gesthemane to lay down his heart, be honest, raw and vulnerable.
A place where He felt safe to spill and be transparent. Our minister named
those friends "Garden Friends" and he went on to ask us to think about who
the Garden Friends in our life were.

so as i was reading this my wheels started turning...who are my garden friends? who would i feel comfortable and safe enough with to bring into my garden? who do i trust with all my heart to be safe and gentle with me? do i nurture those sacred relationship and help them to grow?

so i challenge you as her post challenged me...take a stroll through the garden of friends God has planted in your life...tell them how much they mean to you...nurture it, nourish it, care for it, put energy in it and watch your garden of friends blossom...
in the last year i've had a good friend move away, one retire from work, i've made some new good friends and i've reaquainted myself with some old friends as well. i love surrounding myself with the warm energy of friendships. i love having that true "sisterhood bond" with other women.

i have a few true garden friends...and if your reading this, you know who you are...thank you for coming into my garden and letting me lay down my heart to you time and time again...for knowing when i was vulnerable...knowing when i needed to vent and when i needed a hug...thank you for being you

out for now