i ♥ projects!!!

i really really ♥ home improvement projects...joe, not so much. well we have a HUGE project coming up this fall and i am sooooo excited i can't wait. i just want to rush home right now and jump in and get started. we are switching joey's bedroom and the spare room. and making the junk room into a hallway. i have SUCH exciting plans for the hallway, spare room and joeys new room. hopefully all projects will be done by halloween **fingers crossed** i'm also super loving etsy today. i have found so so so many CUTE things on there to go with my *new* rooms! i can't wait to order some of them. wheeeeeeee......

tonight is football practice again...and hoagie pickup. you know what that means, delivering all those darn hoagies to people. yuck! and tomorrow having to drag them all in here to work, double yuck!

i'm SO looking forward to this weekend...no real "plans" yet...just tons of family time! movie and pizza night tomorrow night...saturday some cleaning and laundry then some time hanging out at camp, cooking on the fire, kids exploring the woods, mama maybe scrapping in nature...good times!!! sunday is church and then FREE DAY AT THE FAIR! woo hoo...love free day. the animals don't stink yet, everything isn't dirty yet and best of all, it's FREE to park and get in!

out for now