so as i'm experiencing my first "payless payday" i thought it a good time to reflect on the GOOD and the HAPPY in my life...rather than focus on the negative...

my list-o-happy right now...

* the comfort in knowing that no matter what, God is ALWAYS there for me!
* reconnecting with old friends...like friends i haven't seen for over 15 years...so ♥ that!!!!
* sunny days
* knowing that ART is calling me back...and i'll be creating again soon ♥
* my family...they are amazing
* country music ♥
* photography.photography.photography.
* fridays!!!
* vanilla coffee...who knew
* how good my soul feels after spending time in prayer each morning ♥

tonight we will be heading back to houtzdale days for peewee cheerleader signups...so if any of you movalley mamas have a girl that wants to sign up, come on out tonight!!

tomorrow is the last night of signups and the parade...my kids are wicked excited for the parade. they get to ride on a float and they are beside themselves about it!!! jade has been worrying for days on what she should wear.

sunday i'm thinking of having a family day after church...maybe spending the day out at camp...having a campfire...cooking lunch on the fire...kids riding their bikes...joe and i just lounging...sounds perfect to me!!!

out for now