we ♥ parades!

so those who know me well know i ♥ parades...like seriously, i can't get enough of them. we have our normal ones we go to every single year (curwensville and clearfield) and i think i might have missed them 3 or 4 times in my entire life. parades are just cheap entertainment...and if you like to people watch, like i do, parades are THE place to do it!

so saturday night was the houtzdale days parade. i can't believe i've never been to that parade before. being that it was my first year, i wasn't sure where the BEST place to sit was. we just kinda plopped our chairs down where we saw a empty spot...we then had to go drop the kids off and park the car...when we got back to our chairs OHMYGOSH...we had put our chairs in "trash city"...we were surrounded by loud, obnoxious, scantily clad (see previous post) people...joe and i just looked at each other, knowing it would be a "real treat"...and knowing there would be at least one incident of some type...

incident #1...all of a sudden a little girl starts crying...mama "a", as we'll call her, looks at her daughters leg and starts screaming "my babys gonna die, my babys gonna die" and throws the little girl on this other womans lap...ok by now they have my attention...turns out little girl got stung by a bee 4 times and she is allergic...i drew that conclusion from mama "a" screaming "she goes straight on life support...mama "a" goes and gets an epi-pen and tells the woman holding her how to give it to her...enter mama "b" who goes and gets a woman who is a "nurse" to look at the little girls leg...and by nurse i mean carenurse, you know, the 6 week course given at a nursing home...so the "nurse" says it would be ok since she gave her the shot...and what do they do, you guessed it, stay for the parade and go walk around later...i mean really, why would you ever want to take your daughter who is "go straight on life support" to the ER to get checked...

incident #2...to the left of us we had a sweet little family...it consisted of grandma (who was also super loud), grandpa, daughter, son in law (who had a nervous tick) and their child...once they realized just how much candy was going to be thrown they were all over that like white on rice...mr nervous-tick-son-in-law actually went and hunkered down by the side of the road to be able to BEAT THE KIDS to the candy...i even saw him yank candy out of a 2 year old girls hands...ohmygosh are you serious? it's like he was trying to get his groceries for the week...i watched him do this for about a half hour then i had ENOUGH...i went and stood between him and the little girl he kept taking candy from...the next fire truck came along and threw candy, he was ready to pounce...then BAM, i hit him with the "stink eye"...i didn't let up until he was back down in his hunkered position and looking like a scared little church mouse...i sat back down in my chair and he kept his eyes on me...but he didn't do it again, lol...

this is one of my FAV parts of every parade...the john deeres!!! this john deere H is exactly like the one we have...maybe our johnny needs painted so mama could drive it in parades?

this IS my fav part of the parades...the bands...and my fav band, the band i marched in for 5 years (3 in the band, 2 in rifles)...movalley!!!

joey and jade got to ride on a float in this parade...my cousin krista put a float in for her daycare and boy were my kids tickled to be in the parade!!!

out for now