**what NOT to wear**

where are the people from "what not to wear" when i need them? i saw this and thought oh.my.gosh. are you serious?!?! my fav part, her jeans were kinda low and everytime she bent over she was extremely concerned about her butt crack not showing. really? i mean, your boobs are about to kill small children around you...yet your worried about exposing your crack? i found that strange yet amusing...i also slightly loved that the two shirts have NOTHING in common, not even a mutual color...purple argyle and gray/red stripes, nice huh? also her jeans, for some reason, had about a 10 inch cuff folder into them...i'm not going to spend a lot of time trying to figure THAT out, i figure it just matched the rest of this *super-sweet-so-wish-i-had-it* outfit...
out for now