another week full of busy

our weeks, from now until the end of october, are just consumed with busy...cheer, football, games, practices, church, fitting in some *end of summer* fun, overtime and's busy BUT i kinda like it...i LOVE watching my kids play sports and cheer...this week joey started practice 5 days a week, ugh...kinda makes it a teensy bit hard to make other plans.

i'm hoping it doesn't rain on friday then joe and i are going to take the kids to blands park (it will ALWAYS be blands park to me) for the day. although we'll have to take football equipment with us and leave there early to have him to practice at 5.

not much blogging time today...i have to run to the warehouse-o-creepy to search for a file before i head home. poor joe has the flu today so i will have a half hour once i get home to get the kids fed and out the door....i can do it!!!

out for now