friday ramblings...

oh friday, i think it might be my fav day of the week. the weekend is just spread right out in front of you. i have so much fun planned for this weekend. tonight i'm going to get a little mani and then scouting for cool photoshoot locations for a senior session i have tomorrow night. i am so so excited about that one!!! sunday is church and then i'm cooking a big mexican meal for us. i.cant.wait.

also in other april i made this post about a friendship that was lost and my sadness about it. i have to say it's still, after all this time, weighing on my mind. for some reason it's hard for me to accept that it's over and move on. i think about her a couple times a week, wonder how she is doing and how her kids are. it's just sad...time helps heal all things i guess.

out for now