're my BESTIE!

i am SO HAPPY that it's friday!!! i can really use a couple days off. this running everyday wears me thin after a while...but it's for my kids so it's worth it!!!

cheer camp was awesome this week. we had around 30 girls and had 3 junior high girls come to help. the girls were so excited to get started and learn cheers.

tonight joe and the kids are taking me to outback for my birthday...YUM!!! i'm stopping at the mall for a little shopping, exchanging some things for my mama, getting groceries and then heading home. i'm sure by then i'll be played out.

tomorrow is a meeting in the am...then a photoshoot in the evening. hopefully it doesn't rain!!!

we are still working on my pond. we have the new liner in and the river rock in the bottom. now we are just working on getting the rocks around the outside. yesterday joe went and bought me a new pump for it (for my birthday) tonight it should be almost done. and guess who we found living in my pond yesterday? mr snapping turtle! i'm fairly sure he needs to move on and find a different place to live. i'm not so much for him eating my fish.

out for now