good friends + parades = L♥VE

last night was the clearfield fair parade and we had a BLAST! ya'all know how much i love parades, for real...i think in my 33 years i've missed this parade maybe 3 times. it's something that is free and we all just enjoy it so much...i spent, oh, 5 years marching in it (3 in the band, 2 in rifles)...
we had a fab group of friends sit with us last night. bec and kaya came (i have SO missed her!!!), karen, rusty with her kids and tammy with her kids and her mom. it was such a fun group of people, we laughed A LOT!
jade and miss kaya...i think they look so darn much alike! no parade is complete without your ferrat with you, right? sometimes i just have no words...parade? ferrat? i don't see the connection...aaahhhhh the shriners...they never cease to scare the crap out of me...really, is it necessary to give them 3-wheelers to drive near a crowd of small children? out for now