good morning starshine...

aahhhh thursday, i so love you, because you are almost friday. i also love you because it's not raining today, which is a nice change!

so i'm totally and absolutely in LOVE with etsy...and i currently want about a million things there. seriously, i could go broke shopping on that site. i'm thinking when i finally DO get paid that maybe i should get a little reward for being so patient...

and this boy right here...yeah, turns out i love him quite a bit...and when he gets hurt or his heart broken it really makes me sad and angry...we had a situation last night that unfair, uncalled for and totally sucked. it really hurt his feelings which in turn makes the mama bear in me come out. i so wish i could just protect both my kids from this hurt, paint and disappointment forever.

we actually have a free night tonight with not a single bit of running. i can't hardly believe it! i'm planning on a big walk after dinner, maybe some crafty/art time and BIG BROTHER!!! love me some big brother!

out for now