1 Thessalonians 5:18
In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

i am grateful for my family. i have an amazing husband who is better to me than i deserve. he always, without thinking twice about it, puts the kids and i before himself. i adore this man...and am so grateful for him in my life. i really feel like God had a HUGE part in where our relationship stands right now.

i'm grateful for amazing children who make me laugh daily...seriously, like pee my pants laugh. joey is dang hilarious, he has humor very much like me. and jade, oh my gosh, she kills me. a lot of times she isn't even trying to be funny and i am just rolling on the floor. last week jade told us about a dream she had..."we were all singing church hymns and pigs came in and started moving their ears to the beat of the song"...ok that is really funny stuff!!! the funniest thing to me about it...that she seriously dreamed that.

i'm grateful for the parents God chose for me. he gave me THE best parents ever, i'm quite sure of that. i know i've talked of my mom here before, and how she is my hero...seriously, she is. i know i've said this before but i just hope and pray that someday i can be the mother she is.

i feel much luckier than other children as i have two sets of parents, not just one. i have adoptive parents that didn't even hesitate when i said i wanted to find my birth parents. and one i found my birth parents i also found out i had 3 brothers. seriously, waited my ENTIRE life for siblings!! and now i also have awesome sister-in-laws that i totally consider my sisters.

i'm grateful for the most amazing friends ever. i have friends i've had for years and new friends...i just love having friends that all have the same morals, values, faith and outlook as i do...i love our time spent together whether it's watching a parade or hanging out at someones house. so thankful!!!

out for now