hello lovelies...

did you ever have a day that just felt good?  that when you woke up you just KNEW it was going to be a good one?  THAT is the day i'm having today and i just love it. 

i'm totally excited at how things are coming together perfectly for the store and photography business...can't wait to share every.single.detail with ya'all!!!  if anyone is interested in booking a photoshoot please email me at cutcutler1903@aol.com.

tonight is cheer and football...which means hurry hurry once i get home.  and to think this is just the start of football season.  i'm not even going to tell ya'all how many games and how much running we'll be doing once the games start.  lets just say we'll be meeting ourselves coming and going.  it will all be worth it though to see my boy play and my girl cheer :)

out for now