it's a GOOD day...

hello lovelies...this has been one awesome day.  mostly because today is my friday...and my weekend starts in 45 min!  i'm taking tomorrow off and hopefully (fingers crossed) it doesn't rain so we can take the kids to delgrosso park.  the weather forecast is not looking so promising though.  if it does rain then we are just heading to altoona to run around for the day...walk around the mall, get some good lunch, go get groceries...should be fun either way.  we will have to have joey back for practice at 5 and we have a birthday party to go to at 6 for miss tabitha.  busy busy busy evening...
i also booked another photoshoot today, yay!!  i'm loving this...there is nothing more satisfying than doing what you doesn't even FEEL like a job!

it's nice and cool here, totally hoodie weather.  it SUPER makes me want to get my fall decorations out.  mmm pumpkin spice candles, leaf garland, fall comforter set on my bed...I.CAN'T.WAIT.  fall it toally my fav season of the year. 

i am a tiny bit sad though...all our tomato plants got blight.  it seems nearly everyones in the area did.  i was going to buy a bushel to can my sauce with BUT they are $25 a, sadly, no canning for me this year.  i actually look forward to canning season every i'm kinda bummed.

out for now