good to me...

well i'm not sure i'd classify mondays as "good" could be a lot worse. what is rough for me on mondays is i have to work switchboard all day long...all day of checking in visitors and answering the phones...not my ideal monday BUT at least the day goes fast.

i head back to the dr after work today about this stupid leg. i'm just so so so worn out with it. hopefully the antibiotic is working BUT i'm not holding my breath on that one. it's still red and still has a fever at the infection site. i would think after 6 days of antibiotics i should see a better improvement. and i have had a slight fever off and on over the last few days. grrrrrr....STOOOOOPID leg!!!!

joey had equipment pickup at school today for football...woo hoo...he's so darn excited!! he is number 36 and is a lineman. tomorrow starts practice with pads and such, he's crazy excited about that too. me, not so much...i think it's the "practice 5 days a week" that makes me not so excited. and the fact that we live too far away to just drop him off then go back home.

i had an amazing photoshoot saturday evening and can't wait to see how they like them. i LOVE them, they sure have some super photogenic children that were full of smiles! and their dog ::swoon:: i sooooooo loved it!!!! another photoshoot this weekend for senior pictures. can't wait!

we went on a long long 4-wheeler ride yesterday with some friends of ours, had a blast! speeding through mud, covered in dirt and dust...this girl loves it. although i'm not so much for the mud getting in my eyes or my mouth...anywhere else i could care less about.

out for now