rockin' weekend recap

we had such an awesome weekend, for real...

friday night i had to work late :(  then i went and got a little mani...drove around town looking for some cool photoshoot locations...and headed home to eat the FAB dinner my man made for me (bbq ribs, baked beans and corn on the cob)...he's such a good boy!  the rest of the fam had already left by the time i got home, joey had football from 5 - i had an hour to myself to enjoy my food.  once they got home we kinda hung out and then i was off to the art room...i had some FUN "work" to do...finished that up and then started a painting, so far i love it.  can't wait to finish it!

saturday we worked around the house in the morning then left in the early afternoon to head to town.  i had a senior photoshoot to do in the evening and i wanted to hit some thrift stores first.  i hit the jackpot...i found the most amazing old, vintage suitcase ever!  the perfect prop for pictures!!!  i was so so so excited.  the shoot went fab (will post pics here in a few)...she was a great model and was at ease in front of the camera.

sunday i got up early and started our lunch...we had bbq grilled chicken (the neelys recipe), twiced baked potatoes, garlic crescent rolls and corn.  it was DELISH!!!  i just love big family dinners on sundays after church.  i know i've said it before but it reminds me of my childhood. 

out for now