~weekend recap~

i'm a horrible weekend blogger...i PROMISE once we get high speed that will change!!  it's just such a hassle to get on the computer with dial-up...and sometimes i just don't have the patience for it.

we had a *fab* weekend!  i took friday off to take the kids to delgrosso BUT, of course, it rained (eye roll)...sooooo we spent the day in altoona instead.  jade got to go to wacky bear which she has wanted to do forEVER...so that totally made her day!!!  we walked around the mall for a while and then headed for groceries.  we also went to lowes and got the paint for joey's new room.  and then we had to rush rush to get joey to football practice at 5.  jade and i went to tabithas party then and joe and joey joined us later.  when we got home and after the kids went to bed i stayed up well into the night (until 2 am) working on some paintings, a new set on faith.  i just ADORE how they turned out!!!  i will take pics tonight and upload them tomorrow.

saturday morning i got up bright and early (yes, even after staying up until 2 am) and started on joey's "new" room.  quite a while ago he decided he wanted to move his room to the spare room...it is a tiny bit bigger BUT has more outlets, more lighting and a nicer closet.  by mid-afternoon i had it painted and we moved his stuff in.  he LOVES it...saturday night the kids has a "camp out" in his new room and jade slept on his floor...i think she misses his being in the room right beside her.  i know there were many nights i would hear them up there talking to each other until one or both fell asleep...and that can't happen now as they are on opposite ends of the house.

sunday we got up and headed to church early so we could practice our song before everyone got there.  and during church we got up and sang.  joe did an excellent job and i am so proud of him!!!  the three of us sounded pretty good together (joe, bobbi jo and i) and we've had lot of requests to sing again.  we talked last night and have decided on our next song, woo hoo...can't wait to get going on that!

out for now