BIG sale!!!

just stopping by real quick to tell you about a BIG huge sale over at off of everything if you use the coupon code FBOOK20000 at checkout.  that is an insane deal must go check out the awesome stuff they have.  i just placed a huge order!!!

i also wanted to tell you JUST how awesome c28 is...i had bought the kids some school clothes from there.  joey had gotten a knit hat and when i washed it this weekend it got a little hole in it.  i called their customer service yesterday and told them about it, basically asking if i needed to fill a form or anything out to exchange it.  the customer service lady told me that particular hat was out of stock but she could give me store credit.  so i said sure, that would be great, i'll just send the hat back then.  she told me i didn't have to send the hat back that she had already credited my account.  can you BELIEVE THAT!?!?  i was shocked, in a good way lol...i just can't say enough good things about this store, seriously.  can you imagine a "no questions asked" credit to your account? 

out for now