hello friday...

i am so so so glad it's the weekend!!!  tonight we are going to the varsity game tonight...joe has to work the concession stand and i am working the ladies auxilary booth.  my kids should love that...all evening to walk around and socialize.

i also have some crafty projects that i want to try out tonight.  hopefully i will be home early enough to get started on them.  i'll be sure to take pics and share them.

joeys game was awesome last night.  they won 8 - 6.  joey did such a great job and had some awesome tackles.  although i would advise to other parents...before you start talking crap about other peoples kids just make sure the parents aren't sitting around you.  it tends to sorta piss me off when you talk crap about my kid.  and it makes it a little hard for me to not rip on your hair...just sayin'

in the above pics joey is #60

out for now