hello new week...

this monday seems much much more tolerable...i think because i'm taking thursday and friday off.  so really i only have to be here 3 days this week :)  isn't THAT a happy thing.  i've just had my fill of running here and running there...last week i think i spent like a whole 2 hours at home.  that tends to make me feel like i'm losing my mind.  so i will be off on thurs and fri...YES!!!

papa is coming down thursday and the kids are SO excited!!!  thursday evening we will go watch joeys game, it's the first home game.  friday we're all going to hang out with papa and then go to the harmony truck pulls friday night (minus jade...truck pulls are NOT her thing!).  saturday will be papas night out with the kids so joe and i will get a date night (outback...here we come!), sunday is church and then jades game that she cheers at (which translates to me being at the field for about 5 hours) then monday papa will go home and we probably wont see him again until christmas  :(   i have some super yummy dinners planned for papa this weekend, so he better come with a hungry belly

we had a great time this past weekend...the game friday night was awesome and we won 42-22...the kids also had a great time walking around with their friends all evening.  saturday i actually got to spend some (much needed) time at home before doing a senior photo shoot.  and i also got to spend some (also much needed) time with my bestie bec.  i've been super missing her lately.  sunday we spent the better part of our day at the field for both peewee games.  it was a good weekend but it sure seemed to fly.

out for now