how could i forget...

this week one of my FAV shows season ended and another of my FAV shows season began...i almost forgot to blog about it, geesh!
first of all...BIG BROTHER...i was so so so hoping that natalie wouldn't win it.  i just couldn't stand her attitude at all.  and i really do think natalie played a dirty game with her lying, backstabbing and creating chaos.  but my girl jordan, the one that everyone thought was so stupid, she pulled it off!  i was so so so thrilled to see her win it all.  now i just hope that jeff takes her to hawaii.
and biggest loser started this so SO love that show!  of course, i cried like a freak during it.  abbys story is the blink of an eye she lost her entire family yet she has such strength and determination.  it's too early for me to pick who i like and don't like yet...but rest assured once i know i will share it with ya'all :)
i am in absolute love with this show!!!  i've watched two episodes so far and i am hooked.  and what is totally weird to me is how much joe likes it as well.  we laugh like freaks the entire time...and i have to admit, sometimes i just have to get up and dance ;)
out for now