~i so ♥ you friday~

ahhhh friday...i love you so!  especially when i have a big ole' 3 day weekend coming up...sweet!  we are planning on a fun filled weekend...tomorrow we are taking the kids on a surprise trip to waldameer park (thanks to some pretty awesome friends)...sunday after church we are having stuffed peppers (my FAV) and hanging out at home, possibly going to a benefit race...monday has NO plans yet, maybe a little 4-wheeler riding with a picnic...can't WAIT!!!
joe and i made a pretty big decision this week...one that i never saw coming.  it's nothing bad so don't worry.  i'm just kinda shocked at how mature and grown up we were in making this decision.  i've prayed on it for a week just to make sure it was the right now.  just keep us in your prayers as i'm not sure what the future holds with it.  hopefully it's all 100% positive BUT you never know.
well so far the punks are liking school, can you even imagine?  of course though, we are still very early into the year and things can change quickly.  joey is adjusting to high school pretty well, although we sitll have to work on the "carrying a backpack" thing.  for the past two nights his papers have came home folded into a tiny square and stuffed into his pocket...turns out the mama isn't too into that.
joeys game went well the other night and i have TONS of pictures to upload...but, if you can believe this, i keep forgetting to bring my camera in with me to upload them.  i know, crazy huh...
what i am crushing on right now~
this photo of miss thing and i on the first day of school...little miss ATTITUDE...
this ring from this site...i just love everything there!!!
this little red forrest fox from red velvet art...LOVE...
this lens from here...i so wish...
spinach salad with hot bacon dressing...delish!
out for now