it's almost here...

friday that is...i can't hardly WAIT for the weekend!  this week has seemed extremely long for some reason, probably because we've had to run every night somewhere.  it's been a busy one.  and even though the weekend is looking to be just as busy, at least i'll get to sleep in a tiny bit (hopefully)...

tonight is joey's first official football game.  it's 1 1/2 hours away so i'm leaving work early to go.  please keep him and his team in your prayers for safety during the game.  and you KNOW i'll have pictures here probably tomorrow, lol...

a new shipment came in for market street so ya'all will have to come check us out!!!  i have a few little projects going on that will (hopefully) be taken to the store on saturday.  the class schedule will be posted soon and you DONT want to miss out on those, i'm almost positive i might need to sign up for every single one!!!  maybe, just maybe, sewing and i can become friends! 

our hours are:
monday     11-6
thursday    11-6
friday        11-6
saturday    12-5

out for now