so here are some pics that i've been meaning to upload since last weekend and just haven't got to it yet.  the first set of pics here are from our erie trip last weekend.  the lake was just gorgeous and the lighting was perfection!!!  i could never have turned down taking pics there, ever. 
can ya'all see that joey is almost as tall as me now?  how CRAZY is THAT!!!
this picture is from our car ride home.  you know the kids and i have to do something so we aren't bored the entire time.  so i got my camera out and we took crazy pics.  super love the look on joeys face here...
these are more pics from my early morning walk last weekend...i just ADORE the pic of the hay bale!!!  especially in black and white.  i'm fairly sure that one will be getting framed in my house somewhere.  and the pic of the little bird...it was almost as if he posed right there for me. 

out for now