happy hump day...

ugh, can't wait for this week to be over.  i have a sick little girl (fever/sore throat/slight cough/no voice) and i have a sick mother-in-law (swollen feet/ankles/legs)...jade is SO upset that she is sick this week, of all weeks...it's "red ribbon week" at school which means each day they had a certain dress-up theme...today is pajama day and she was SUPER stoked about it  :(  poor thing is at home though.  tomorrow is jersey day and she is hoping to make it for that.  i hope she is feeling better by friday, she is so excited to go to a halloween party...

and joe's mom is experiencing extremely swollen feet/ankles/legs...which is exactly what happened years ago when her kidneys shut down.  we are praying that isn't the case again.  this poor woman seems to have some health problem every year in the fall, around thanksgiving time.

so if you could, please remember both of them in your prayers.  as much as i don't buy into the whole "swine flu" hype, i'm still worried about jade. 

i'm off to the warehouse-o-creepy to work today...which i'm totally not sad about.  i love getting out of the office and working by myself for a while. 

out for now