hello friday...

aaahhhhhh sweet friday...i love you so!  fridays mean family movie and pizza night...ghost whisperer...staying up late...spending time with the people i love most...that's why i love fridays.

i have kinda an easy weekend coming up, which i totally need.  tomorrow i am doing a photoshoot for some head shots for modeling...and basically that's IT...the entire rest of the day is mine.  how awesome is that?!?!  i'm thinking maybe some cleaning around the house...a little laundry...maybe some good hearty potato chowder...perfection huh?

sunday after church we have our last football/cheerleading game of the season.  i would say i'm going to miss it but i would totally be lying...i'm ready to have my sundays back!  the girls are going to perform a dance to "thriller" that they've worked SO hard on (and so have the advisors, lol)...i'm going to try to tape it and put it on my blog...

the vet said that mr pepper must have the doggie flu and his joints are just sore and aching...at first they thought lymes disease, which freaked me out...but the test came back negative, thank gosh!  so we went home with doggie pain meds (which he refuses to take) and he has been sleeping tons since we got home.  poor little baby...i wish i was home with him :(

out for now