hump day hellos

so the week is now officially half over...heck YES!  closer to this fabulous weekend i have coming up...but then again, isn't every weekend fab?!?!  this weekend i have a FUN day of shopping planned on saturday with one of my besties, amy...and while we are shopping my loving wonderful husband is taking all our kids to the movies.  i mean, really, could it be better than that?

i have a senior photoshoot planned for tonight...and i'm super excited!!!  he's a nature lover so we'll be heading out in search of some awesome spots...i already have tons of ideas swimming in my head.  can.not.wait.

if you could, please keep jade in your prayers.  every year we struggle in school and this year is no different.  it is so hard to watch, it breaks my heart.  we are going to try some different strategies this year.  and thankfully she has a teacher that is SO willing to work with me!!!  last year, that was a different story.  but please say a prayer for her and one for me, that i'll make the right decisions.  thanks ya'all!!!!!

out for now