weekend recap...

friday night i spent an aweosme, much needed night totally at home with my fam.  we watched movies and had pizza...i love nights like that.  we watched beverly hills chihuahua, ghost whisperer and last house on the left (once the littles went to bed)...it was such a relaxing night.

kerri and i went saturday and shot our first wedding together...it was a BLAST!!!  we got some seriously awesome pics and i've shared some of them on our blog here http://gypsytreephotography.blogspot.com/ go check them out!

sunday we had a nice dinner after church (you KNOW how much i enjoy sunday family dinners) and then we headed to the football field for 4 hours of cheerleading.  it was so so wicked cold there yesterday, i was happy to get in the car and warm up on the way home.

i'm looking forward to next weekend, a long weekend!  and next monday i am planning on spending every single second of it at HOME...can't wait!

out for now