happy hump day...

we've officially made it half way through the week!!!  thank goodness we are on the downhill slide and the weekend is almost here.  we have a kinda sorta busy weekend coming up...skating party saturday night for football/cheer, dinner at church on sunday and teen praise night sunday night. 

last night the kids and i decided to "try" to dress raven up.  she always gets left out of dress up time, just because she is so big.  so we took a hoodie of joeys and his hat and put it on her.  let's just say she was NOT amused...and she would rather be left out of dress up time thank you very much.  excuse the crappy pic...i took it with my blackberry...

so i'm totally done with my christmas shopping...can you even believe it?  crazy right?  i'm never EVER done this early...ever!  now...to just get things wrapped.  that's the part i dread the most.  i usually put that off until the last second.  but not this year, i want done early and enjoy the season without stress.

i'm super super excited for thanksgiving too.  two of our good friends are coming over to enjoy the day with us.  and i seriously enjoy entertaining for the holidays, it's my FAV.  i'll be sure and take pics that day to share with ya'all.

out for now