monday blahs...

i think i have them, the monday blahs...the holiday weekend just seemed to fly by so fast  and here we are, back at work. 

we had a fabulous thanksgiving!!!  my friends michelle and jen joined us for lunch.  the food was SO good, i just love cooking thanksgiving dinner!!  after dinner we were able to sit, relax and catch up...which was nice.  i hadn't seen michelle for probably 2 years or more. 

it was SO nice on friday to have the entire fam home, the house was clean, nothing pressing to do...just hang out and watch tv.  an all day marathon of "say yes to the dress" to be exact.  i was up early, around 6 am, and watched about 5 straight hours of that show.  and I LOVED IT!  i don't know why i've never watched it before.  later on in the afternoon then joey's friend gabe came and stayed the we ordered pizza.  they stayed up well into the night playing ps2. 

saturday morning joe got called out at 5am to plow for a few hours...he was SO happy about that.  i'm not so sure i'd be as happy if i got called in to work at 5 am on a saturday.  in the afternoon we took gabe home and then went on to altoona.  i had some jeans to exchange AND we went to dinner at outback!!!  you KNOW that's my most fav place EVER!

so tomorrow is the first day of kids already have the countdown to christmas going on.  and i've decided for december i'm going to TRY to post every single day on the little blog here...and try to do a pic a day.  try being the key word...

out for now