mornin' starshine...

oh thursday, i love it so because it's so close to friday. and i especially love this friday...because we have NO plans. can you imagine...NO plans all weekend long! and i just cannot wait to stay home all weekend and do nothing. we possibly might take our family pictures this weekend, which should be fun (eye roll)

i have to say i am sooooooo excited about the upcoming holiday season...from now until Christmas...i love every single bit of it. next wednesday joe and i both have the day off (and the kids don't) so we are going to have a little mini-date day and Christmas shop all day in altoona. yay!!! and i have so many holiday crafties that i want to do with my kids this season. can't.wait.

a few years back i posted's my opinion of Rabbi Shmuley who, if you read back to my previoust post, compared breast feeding your baby to having an affair and said you were committing the "cardinal sin" of marriage by putting someone else (i.e. your baby) before your husband. and now i hear he is jon gosselin's religious advisor. i'm sure that will work out just wonderfully for jon (eye roll)

tonight is exercise class...and i am so excited about that (is that freakish?)...i look forward to it and just can't hardly wait to go.  i have a little ways to go yet with my weight loss and have honestly loved this journey.  i've proved so many things to myself (and others) along the way.  i've realized that i AM strong enough to do this...but that's a whole different post...

out for now