♥♥♥short work week♥♥♥

oh hello there short work week...you KNOW you are one of my besties...tomorrow at 3:30 my 4 day weekend will officially start, YES!  and i can't wait!  i'm so so so excited to cook (and eat) thursday and friday i have absolutely NO plans but to sit on my butt and veg...and enjoy the day with my fam.  saturday we are heading to altoona and having a little outback, YUM!  sounds like a pretty perfect weekend huh...

i put my christmas tree up last weekend soooo that is off my list for this weekend.  now if i could only keep the stupid cat away from it.  i read somewhere that cats hate citrus smells so i peeled an orange and hid the peels under my tree skirt...so far so good. 

so did anyone else watch the season finale of project runway?  i was SO SO SO mad that irina won, i could not STAND her at all...i really thought carol hannah should have won. 

out for now