a weekend full of lovely...

is ahead of me...a weekend FULL of great times with family and friends...and weekend FULL of shopping...and a sunday FULL of relaxing...can't wait!

tonight joey is taking two friends and going to the superbowl...and they are so excited!!!  they'll leave the church at 5pm tonight and get home around 7am tomorrow.  bless those leaders hearts for staying up all night...i know i couldn't do it.  have fun everyone!!!

tomorrow i'm taking my mom shopping in altoona all day...wow, two days of shopping in one week for me :)  i have all my coupons ready...i'm so close to being done with my shopping, first time ever i've been done this early!!!

tomorrow night friends of ours are having a get together.  hopefully my little is rested up enough by then to go, i'm not taking a cranky kid out among the public.

oh and speaking of my boy...he told me last night his "girlfriend" wants him to meet her parents.  um, hello...you guys are 12!  what in the world would he need to meet her parents for?  yeah so, i'm not so much for that...and we won't be participating.  what is it with these kids now...geesh.  i would have NEVER even considered asking a boy to come to my house when i was 12 and introducing him to my parents.  i knew i couldn't date until i was 16 and that was that...it didn't kill me to wait until then.  and it won't kill my kids either.  i refuse to be one of those parents that gives in and lets their kids just do whatever because all the other kids are.

out for now