~biggest loser~

oh biggest loser...how i love you...and the finale did NOT disappoint, it was fab!!!  could you even believe how good some of these people looked?!?!?!  and ya know rebecca is my girl so i was crazy happy that she won the at home prize...she looked amazing i thought!!!  although i do have to say i didn't like her hair much at all...i thought it looked better dark and bobbed.

and danny, wow, what an accomplishment!  i hope someday i can say i accomplished as much as he did.  he looked just totally amazing.  can you imagine losing 239 pounds?  i bet he feels like a totally new person.  and i'm so glad that he won rather than rudy.  rudy has been on my nerves lately and being a little snotty...and i just CANT stand liz!

now i just can't wait for the next season to start in a few weeks!!!!  the previews looked good!

out for now