disappointing day...02/31...

we had a bit of a disappointing day today...i took joey back to the dr to get his foot re-xrayed and to see what the dr had to say.  well, we were hoping the dr would say the stimulator machine worked and the bone was starting to heal...but it's not.  it hasn't started healing a single bit!  so we went ahead and scheduled surgery.  it will be december 22.  they will remove the bone chip and reattach the tendon to his foot (right now it's attached to the bone chip).  i feel so bad for joey, you never want to see your baby in pain, no matter how old they are.  he's such a trooper though, trying to put on a brave face.  please keep him in your prayers.

this is my pic of the day for yesterday.  once i dropped joey off at school i spent the rest of the day at home.  and this is what basically my entire day consisted of...laundry!  i for real took this pic yesterday BUT knew i couldn't upload it from home (we STILL have dialup!!!).  this is basically how my weekend posts will probably go too.

out for now