**don't throw me down, clark**07/31**

last night was insanely busy at my house...joe is on second shift so he doesn't get home until we are all in bed.  soooooo that lets all the evening chores to me, yay {eye roll}...so last night as SOON as i walked in the door i heard joey talking about pickles blah blah...i kept walking and went on to the bathroom.  as soon as i got in there both kids came busting in, joey said jade ate pickles, jade punched him, joey kicked her, jade hit him...i hadn't even been home for 5 min!!!  yes, mama lost her mind...and yelled...and the kids were good the rest of the night, lol...really, who cares who ate a pickle, geesh...and i had skads of laundry to do...dinners to prepare for the week...and a workout to fit in there somewhere.  i managed to get it all done, yay me...

i also like when joey and i have this conversation...
joey..."mom, you remember i told you i would have a christmas band concert?"
joey..."well, it's wednesday"
me..."as in tomorrow?"
joey..."um, yeah, but i JUST found out"
me..."do you go to the same school as everyone else, geesh?"

this is my pic of the day for yesterday...joe bought me three wreaths that are made of real pine, kinda cool...so i put them out on the doors yesterday...they sat on my table for two days AND the cat started eating them, for whatever reason...so i decided i had better get them put out, quickly...

and tonight is the finale of biggest loser...GO DANNY AND AMANDA...i really really don't want rudy or liz to win.  i actually think it will be one of the guys, they had more to lose than the girls.  and i can't WAIT to see rebecca...she was my absolute fav.  tomorrow we'll discuss the winner here...

out for now

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