**i'll be gnome for christmas**

title and pic are basically because it makes me laugh...and bec loves gnomes...and i totally miss her...so this gnomie is for her.

so so happy the weekend is here!!!  tonight the kids and i are going to gary and amys to hang out, eat and watch christmas movies.  i can't WAIT!  i'm hoping joe doesn't have to stay late at work so he can join us, but i'm not counting on it.  tomorrow we are going to altoona (as long as joe doesn't get called in to work).  joe has worked late every single night this week and the kids and i haven't seen him.  so tomorrow is totally FAMILY day!  we are hoping to have a nice dinner out and get our shopping finished.  and sunday...we are spending the afternoon with BEC and her family!!!  yay...miss her totally so much!

here is my pic of the day for today...this is my christmas tree, i took it this morning before work.  and i have to say i really like how it turned out!

out for now