**jade...put the cat DOWN**


i feel like that's all i've said since jade was little.  we've had a few cats...sweet pea and ming ming being the ones we had the longest.  ming ming is our current cat (he's the mentally challenged cat that ate rat poison).  i say "jade...put the cat down" atleast 5 times a day if not more.  she carries him, hauls him in baskets and wraps him in blakets.  every single time she does this the cat has the exact same look on his face *refer to above picture*.  it's not a real happy look.  then as soon as jade puts him down he flicks his tail fast and hard, runs away as fast as he can and hides.  i just KNOW he is saying big time kitty swear words to her.  poor cat...but atleast it entertains me :)

out for now

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