**little full...lotta sap**

oh saturday, what a day THAT was!!!  it started off kinda shakey.  i thought it would be fun to take the kids outside and play in the snow some.  except the snow had this big (probably inch thick) crust of ice on it.  so much ice that you didn't even break through when you walked on it.  we had a blast at first just sliding down the hill on our butts.  then as i was walking across the yard i just fell flat on my face, literally.  i'm fairly positive i broke my nose, busted my lip and pushed my one front tooth back.  honestly, i am SO not graceful!!!

hence the pic of the day for saturday...my face right after i fell...

yesterday was day and a half...we woke up to freezing rain outside and church was canceled.  i didn't feel real well at all because of my fall (headache and neckache).  i will kinda blah, cranky and moody all day long, which sucked.  we just hung out at home and watched tv and movies all day.  we were suppose to meet bec and mike but it was just too yucky outside.  we rescheduled for next sunday.

here is the pic of the day for yesterday...miss raven...loving up her kids.  she is such a loving dog and just such a good girl.


out for now