merry christmas...a little late...

as i imagine you realized by now, joeys surgery went well.  he was in surgery for a little under 2 hours.  they cut the tendon, removed the bone chip and reattached the tendon.  he was in quite a bit of pain for the first two days and still has his moments.  i rewrapped it for him last night and noticed a big blister on the bottom of his foot, probably from it being all wrapped up and sweating.  and it was fairly swollen last night (also bruised).  i take him back to the dr on wednesday for him to look at it.

we had a WONDERFUL christmas!!!  we went to aunt graces christmas eve and had a great time with family there.  and of course we had awesome food there as well.  once joeys foot got to hurting (and he knew papa was at our house) then we headed home.  the kids were SO SO SO excited to see their papa.  they went straight off to bed pretty quickly that night. 

christmas morning i had a boy up at 2 am wanting to open gifts and then a girl that got up at 5 am...once she got up we just all got up.  watching their faces when they first walk in to the living room is awesome!  they were so excited to open all their presents.  and i think they loved every.single.thing. they got.

my love got me a HUGE sign to put out front for my photography business.  it's beautiful, amazing, exciting...and for some reason that sign makes it feel more official....he's a good boy!

i'm back at work today and tomorrow then off for the next 5 days after that, thank gosh.  sometimes i really need a break from this place.

out for now