i am just in love with this shot, to me it just captures winter perfectly. 

i took this last week when i was on my "sunday morning walk".  i just ADORE taking my camera with me when i go for my early morning walks before church.  i try to leave my house early (before 7 am) just as nature is waking up from it's deep slumber.  i walk slowly, constantly looking at my surroundings, and admire the perfect creations He has made. 

it had been a while since i had went on my "walk", the weather conditions just didn't permit for it.  and i honestly had doubts of taking my camera with me last week.  i thought "i'm sure i won't find ANYTHING to shoot on this snowy, yucky, cold day".  as i started walking i realized He has made beauty in every season and made it perfectly. 

today, look past the cold and the snow and see the beauty He made just for us.

out for now