hello weekend...

oh weekend, i love you so...and boy do we have one jammed full of fun and friends.  isn't that the best kind to have?  love all my friends!

tonight i'm taking the littles to pizza hut (jade has about 5 bookit coupons to use)...then we are off to walmart to get a few things.  hopefully the littles decide to get along tonight and not fight like freaks...turns out i'm not a fan of fighting like freaks in private or public...

tomorrow the boys are getting up early and heading to breakfast with the guys joe works with and then off to grices (gun store) for their big sale...jade and i are heading to bec's at lunch time for a little "girls day"...the girls are having a barbie playdate while bec and i catch up.  we are going to have a little lunch and just hang out...can't WAIT!  then in the evening we are going to a birthday party for my friends daugther.  it's a skating party, woohoo, ya'all know i love to get my skate on...after that it's out to dinner with the fam ♥

sunday we have church and hopefully a nice dinner and relaxing movie day.  i love sundays!!!!

out for now