i finally did it...

i finally scrapped...last night i actually did four layouts and two art journal pages.  and it felt sooooooo good.  getting through the first page was the worst but once i finished it the ideas just seemed to flow.  i was in my element totally.  it has been ages since i staid up most of the night making art...loved it.

you also know i have a love/hate relationship with sewing.  at eleven last night i got the urge to sew.  i figured it would be the perfect opportunity to work on a project i have been wanting to do...a tshirt quilt.  i have saved all our  old shirts for a few years now...i cut the fronts into a twelve by twelve section...sewed them together...and attached them to an old quilt i had...the cutest thing ever for real.  i will take pics of it tomorrow.  its just a lap quilt but gosh is it cute.

today was joes first day off in the last two weeks so we decided to head to altoona for the day.  we had such a fun time.  it was a much needed day.  we ate at red lobster and walked around the mall...such fun.

out for now