in love.

i just so adore this time of year, i can't even tell you how much.  joe and i went on our first date february 10, 1996.  and for valentines day that year he cleaned by car for me AND gave me a dozen roses.  not too shabby for only going on one date huh?  i'm  pretty sure i knew then he was a keeper.  four months later we were married ♥  i love him more now than i ever could have imagined back then

i have some ideas in mind for this valentines day...if i can get things to come together.  and hopefully we'll have a little "love is in the air" photoshoot to share with ya'all...LOVE photoshoots with him!

tonight is exercise class AND biggest loser, my fav...this is one of my fav weeknights.  go to class and get my butt kicked (which i love) and then rush home, shower, put the littles to bed and watch biggest loser...can't WAIT!

out for now