it's a happy little day

and it's hump day...need i say more?  the week is officially HALF OVER, heck yes!!!  i'm totally excited for this weekend.  first of all it's a LONG weekend, woot...the last one for quite a while.  i have plans made with an awesome friend friday night...having a total girls night!  saturday we are getting the 4wheelers out for a little ride...we are riding them over to a "teen activity" the church is having (ice skating and  hobo stew).  then saturday evening we are all going out to dinner.  sunday is church then hanging out and hopefully just a lazy movie day (my FAV kind of day)...monday NO WORK or SCHOOL and getting my house clean and laundry done...i can't wait!!!

because a pictureless post is beyond boring (not that these are exciting at all)...

my new sneakers ♥  reebok easytones...can't wait for this weather to break so i can get out there walking in them...joey was really excited that i picked these rather than the sketchers shape ups...he calls these my "non-retarded" exercise shoes, lol

and this makes working and being away from my fam a little desk covered with pics of my FAV people ever...

out for now