monday happies + art

so it's monday, blah...i thought if i named this post "monday happies" that i could trick myself into thinking it, no such luck.  mondays mean switchboard day to me (which i'm totally over)...mondays are the first day of five that i don't see my husband (absolutely over this too)...monday means tons of homework normally...the only good thing about monday?  it's one day closer to friday!!!

we had a great weekend, it was SO NICE to have my husband home all weekend.  we got to spend all day saturday and sunday together as a family, so nice. 

i have a sick little at home, poor jade...she has had a terrible migraine since last night, so bad it's making her stomach sick.  i hate when one of my kids is sick and i can't be home with them.  seriously, i am NOT cut out to be a working mother! 

here are some art journal entries i did this weekend as well...

out for now